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The Advocate

A thing of beauty, you can't go wrong with any of the choices that you have.  If you choose DLC, or Diamond like Carbon, you will get a finish that looks as close to a black mirror finish as you can get.  It is one of the most durable finishes that you can get for a slide as well.  The Urban Camo is a cerakote finish using a blend of three specific colors designed from Colion Noir himself.  Each color is applied and baked before the next giving the slide a very unique and mean look while still having that sleek feel to it.  As for the nonthreaded barrel you have a choice between DLC or NiB, or Nickleboron.  The NiB finish gives the barrel an almost chrome like finish that really stands out with the contrast of the rest of the weapon.  Add the Trijicon RM06 for the final touches on this masterpiece.

    Slide Coating
    Non Threaded Barrel Coating
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