The Jäger
  • The Jäger

    The ultimate hunting rifle built to fulfill all your wants and desires.


    The Jäger is one of TYR's most customizable guns to ensure that your hunting experience is straight out of your dreams. This gun comes standard with a Drop-In Match Grade trigger to ensure your kill is clean and ethical. The charging handle is ambidextrous and oversized to ease the process of loading the chamber under the large optic. As with most TYR firearms, an ambi safety switch is also included and installed. You have a choice of muzzle device and caliber to ensure that this gun is perfect for your hunting style. The Jäger also comes with your choice of Magpul UBR, PRS, or CTR stocks. The barrel length is also your choice, to further fine tune your hunting experience. Lastly, the Jäger will be Cerakoted with the finish of your choice.

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