• Alpha-12.5

    Just like our SS-12.5 this 12.5" AR pistol is set up with a linear brake that throws all the muzzle flash straight forward, only it comes with ALL the bells and whistles.


    Our 13.7" TYR Defense MLoK handguard continues all the way over the linear brake, giving it a sleeker look. Our forged receiver sets are hand matched for a tight fit and the SB Tactical SBA3 pistol brace gives you the adjustability needed, while still classifying as a pistol.


    We use all American made internals in our builds. Included with the purchase of the Alpha-12.5 is a hard case, magazine, KNS antiwalk pins, and Magpul pistol grip. It also comes with titanium mag release, bolt catch, take down pins, ambi selector switch, and muzzle brake. We include our TiN BCG, Custom Match Grade trigger, and ambi charging handle. To complete your build, you have the option to choose from our Ti pistol grip, Ti fore grip, or three pack Ti grip shields.

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