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An Update from TYR

2020 has been a wild ride for many people. Individuals pulling through extreme circumstances. Fueled emotions pouring out into the streets in the form of riots. Financially trying times with small businesses closing right and left.

This year has been trying for us all.

The owners and staff at Tyr Defense Industries have been working hard to push through as well. We work for your business and hard earned money to build you the best products we can. As you most likely know, the mixture of the volatile emotions and riots and the presidential election has spurred a frenzy of gun purchasing activity. Parts and supplies are exceedingly harder to come by. Because of this many of you are waiting for your finished rifle or pistol.

We just want to let you know we are diligently working in the Tyr shop to source parts, build your requested rifles or pistols, and get them shipped to your FFL for you to pick up. We just wanted to take a moment between the builds to let you know we are steadily working away to ensure you get a quality firearm in your possession.

Thanks for being a customer and looking forward helping in the future.

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