The Slide
The Noir Edition slide is precision milled with weight reducing relief cuts on top and sides and cut for a Trijicon RMR. The plate is a Type 3 hard anodized RMR plate that flush-fits the RMR cut. The slide comes DLC coated and is harder and more wear resistant than a factory coating. With our tumbling process and special media, each slide comes out with its own unique glare.
The Sights

Fiber optic front with a blacked out rear sight for maximum contrast. Tritium suppressor height sights will also be available. Trijicon RMR's also available. 


Our HECKLER and KOCH VP9 comes with two barrels.  The first is the factory barrel which is fluted.  You will have your choice of a Nickel Boron or DLC Finish on the factory barrel.  The additional barrel is a silencerco threaded barrel.  This barrel is also fluted  for additional weight reduction and DLC coated giving it an extremely durable black sheen while also being corrosion resistant.

Trigger & Recoil Management

The Advocate comes with two recoil springs.  These springs are different weights.  The two springs give the gun a wider operating range giving you the ability to personalize your shooting experience.  The trigger has also been upgraded to the Lobos trigger with an aluminum shoe that shortens the trigger pull and reset.  It feels amazing while also improving the look of the pistol.

The Frame & Grip

The performance enhancing grip and frame work are extremely comfortable during hard use. It has been formed together with a unique fusing method then married with top of the line border work and stippling to give a feel that easily passes the duty requirements while performing great in a concealed carry role. Simply put, it really does feel great in your hand.  The frame work was a collaboration with MLS Customs.

The Case & Packaging

The advocate comes inside a waterproof & crushproof lockable hard case with a stainless steel Colion Noir badge and certificate of authenticity (TSA approved). The inside is high density foam cut by CNC Machines and works great to protect your pistol. It is also larger than typical cases with its inside diameter being 15 inches x 11 inchs.  It has a suppressor cut out for your Silencerco (or other) suppressor which can also be used as additional storage.



If you would like to send in your Heckler and Koch VP9 and create 'The Advocate,'

we will credit you $500 and turn your gun into this enhanced custom package. 

*We expect all builds to ship in approximately 8 weeks

Noir Urban Camo Cerakote

We will also be offering the custom mixed Noir Urban Camo cerakote. 

This is a blend of 3 colors which were custom mixed and selected by Noir

Made possible by the TYR DEFENSE INDUSTRIES build team.

Optic Mount & Sight

When you purchase an optic with one of our guns,

we mount the optic and sight it in for practical accuracy at 25-50 yards.