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TYR Defense Industries

Tyr Defense Industries was founded by a small group of like minded individuals motivated to create amazing firearms and defense products.  We have the philosophy that a defense product is  the most important purchase someone can make.  Tyr Defense Industries is a manufacturer and seller of some of the finest and most trusted names in the weapons and defense industries.  We construct exceptional weapons for exceptional situations.

Ancient History of Tyr?

Týr is a Germanic god associated with law and heroic glory in Norse mythology

He was considered the chief god, and went by the name Tiwaz. He was one of the war gods and seemed equivalent to the Roman Mars. Tyrs primary characteristics were honor, justice and courage.  The God of Law and Order.

Being of the oldest Gods, his name has been found inscribed (in Runes) on swords, shields and helmets.  The most ancient of these artifacts is the Negau helmet found in Austria near the Yugoslav border in 1929 dating back to 600 BC.

Lord Tyr actually pre-dates Odin and was the original All-Father of Gods and Men.  His symbol was the spear, (a symbol now used by Odin) the Rune named for Tyr is the shape of a spear or arrow.  He was one of the gods who had a day of the week set aside to honor him.  Tuesday — Tiw’s-Day is that day.   The symbol of the spear on your armor or weapon was believed to bring glory in battle.  These myths and the symbolism behind the history inspires the product line for TYR Defense Industries.  Our goal is to create the highest quality firearms and defense products in the world used for protection and defense to uphold law and justice.

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